You can create a life of vitality and purpose! Your goals may be to:

Reduce Stress

We don’t get to control the world’s events. But we can choose how we show up in the world and how we respond to challenges. I often use EMDR and Internal Family Systems therapy for anxiety, along with ketamine-assisted therapy when appropriate for accompanying symptoms. Together we will develop your skills to reduce emotional reactions and to increase your personal power.

Break Free of Addiction

Often, addictive behaviors began as a solution to a painful situation. These behaviors then became a problem in their own right. Additionally, the emotions of shame, self-criticism and isolation often join forces to magnify the situation and result in more addictive behavior. With my training in addiction and trauma therapy, I strive to help you resolve the root causes of addiction for a lasting recovery.

Rediscover Joy

We often get stuck in patterns that limit our happiness, or we experience adverse events that create deep depression. These can even be intergenerational burdens. Therapy can help you release old baggage, heal wounds, and upgrade your perspective. I use Internal Family Systems therapy, CBT, EMDR and ketamine-assisted therapy as evidence-based treatments to help you gain a renewed sense of life and vitality.

Improve Relationships

A key step in creating healthy relationships is learning to love ourselves, even when we stumble. When we stop searching for ways people and things can “make” us feel better about ourselves and we discover our purpose, the world opens with boundless opportunities for connections. Therapy can help you heal your inner critic (we all have one!) and connect to a true sense of self-worth. I work with individuals, couples and families to help resolve conflict and realize greater love and connection.

Heal And Transform

It can feel easier to avoid painful issues … for a while. But there comes a time when you can no longer escape old patterns. This is the turning point — the opportunity to step into alignment with what you really want. I provide resources to guide you through personal transformations with support. Life is too precious to limit your potential for another day!

Find Fulfillment

Many of us discover a perplexing paradox as we achieve “success” in our lives. We may check the boxes on our life goals — so why aren’t we fulfilled? Together, we can help you discover your own true definition of success.

See Results

Dreams are nice to have — but results are priceless. It’s time to stop wishing, and to begin doing what really works. Together we will help you envision and take the first steps. And the next steps … moving from dreams to achievements.

Achieve Peace Of Mind

Many of us desire peace and harmony in the world. But do we really cultivate these qualities in ourselves? Through therapy, you will discover that a calm mind is a powerful mind, more refreshed to create, to work, and to play.

Unlock Your Greatest Potential

Whether you have a passionate career dream or a painful life setback, our work together will connect you to the world’s most powerful resource: the intelligence of your body, mind and spirit.


Rates are $150 per 50 minute session and $175 for 60 minutes for individual sessions. I also offer longer sessions that can be helpful for many treatments such as EMDR, IFS and ketamine-assisted therapy. I do not accept insurance but I can provide receipts for you to submit to your insurance company, which may consider me as an out-of-network provider. I offer a limited number of sliding scale slots for those with limited funds, please contact me for more information.