“Tyler’s true gift is his strength of heart, wisdom and innate sense of caring.

He beautifully balances the masculine and feminine energies creating a space of nurturing, warmth and trust while also holding strong boundaries and pushing limits both personally and professionally.

Tyler knows what so many of us struggle to realize in our lives: serving others and contributing to the greater good is how we live more meaningful and purposeful lives.

Tyler walks his talk and leads by example. He inspires me to more fully lead with love in all that I do.”

— GINA MURDOCK, founder, Lead With Love

“Tyler is a very conscious individual.

He leads with wisdom, and he has a healing presence.”


“Tyler is a selfless guide, with the heart of a true healer.

He embodies a heart-centered approach in his service to the children within our community who have been neglected and abused. It has been an honor to witness his level of commitment and fierce advocacy. His passion for equity in mental health services and social justice, both in and out of the courtroom is deeply inspiring.”

— TARYN GIROUX, supervisor, Court Appointed Special Advocates For Children

“Tyler is the rarest of people,

a phenomenally high achiever who is truly grounded and compassionate. His guiding wisdom and advice have helped me upgrade my work and productivity, and helped me make critical changes in my personal life.”

—KEVIN HAND, PhD, Jet Propulsion Labs, Caltech